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By reimagining traditional definitions revolving around the garden and creating a new lexicon for these terms, the practice of Lío Spinnewijn aims to help us envision a future in which western society is no longer separate from a dormant nature. By turning thoughts into actions, the Gardener, a persona created by the artist, serves as a symbol of interconnectedness. Spinnewijn explores how adopting this persona can help us navigate the current climate crisis.

By tending the Garden and engaging in practices that acknowledge the agency and vitality of nature, the artist aims to challenge the notion of separateness. Through this practice, a space is created where the boundaries between culture and nature blur, and where humans can experience a more interconnected and reciprocal relationship with the natural world. In short, lío spinnewijn / the Gardener investigates actions and seeks for a common language revolving around the garden, in search for a reciprocal future.

IMG_2643 3.heic

noun /ˈɡɑː.dən.ər/  a performative persona who binds culture and nature together by taking on an auto-ethnographic role.

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noun /ˈɡɑː.dən/ a confined site-specific artwork, on the island of Brienenoord.That serves as a practice ground for regeneration and exploring a non-objectified dynamic with nature. 

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