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Trying to become a phisherman

I catch no money

Only fools

I will not do harm while becoming a fisherman

Not even to myself this time

A wooden leg will never sink in the river

Maybe I should get two,

to finally drift back home

The three poems refer to the way of working within these different artworks. The first project is related to Phishing and the second and third more towards Fishing. These words represent my art field and how I position myself within them right now. 


TAPED is me being a Phisherman, or to make more sense, a conman. I tricked people into watching my performance on a porn site. A form of identity theft as a person, but also theft of the online space, an intervention in a space where I can cater my work to a broad audience. This all refers to the first sentence, the second and third refer to the making money with phishing. I didn't make a lot of money as I stayed true to my idea and didn't undress to fit in the site. 

NAÈL is a project in which I use an alter ego/name to reflect critically to my surroundings and things happening in society. My pitfall in this project is that it becomes too personal and that it hurts me instead of heals me in the process. I wrote these two short sentences while fishing, but reflected (as you do while fishing) about my other projects, maybe fishing can be a form of self care. 

The Corona Diary videos are very important to me, as I learned a new way of reflecting in that project, by talking out loud to myself I can reflect easily on my own process. The content of these videos were related to my hometown, so the small poem I wrote while sitting at the wharf felt very fitting to the nostalgia of the diary. 

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