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The blue colour represents fishing all over this document, to gather information. The topics I work a lot with, could be seen as a form of fishing and are therefore written with blue in the fishbone.

keywords phishing/fishing

The orange colour represents phishing, where I used the characteristics of online phishing, as explained by Elmer Lastdrager. My way of working and the materials I use could be seen as a form of phishing and are therefore written with orange in the fishbone

The question of giving or taking was asked during a meeting and made me look at my work differently. Am I actually giving something back or just taking information for myself? And why do I gather the information? Especially in the case of the livestreams of taped this is a question I do not yet know the answer to. If I had to answer it now, I would say that I am taking information from my audience and surroundings  and could be seen as a phisherman in that case.


It is something to keep in mind for my upcoming projects; how and what does the audience gain from the experience? Is there a word outside of f/ph-ishing for giving?  

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