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Buitenplaats Brienenoord, Rotterdam (2023)

'To dig or not to dig?'

The project How to propagate a Gardener? aims to help us envision a future in which western society is no longer separate from nature. The persona of the Gardener serves as a symbol of this interconnectedness, and the research explores how adopting this persona can help us navigate the current climate crisis. In the past few months, together with different artistic makers (circus artists, a composer, cello players and a writer) I have explored multiple performative ways to Propagate. We focused in this process on learning through fertile soil, networking with the Garden through the lens of an artistic practice and lifelong learning with other (non)human makers. These experiments resulted in an hour-long performance that is performed four times at the Buitenplaats Brienenoord in Rotterdam South.


Performed by:

Sophia Bardoutsou - Lio Spinnewijn - Alejandro Garcia Bustos - Lola Husson -

Lluisa Paredes - Camelia Ciobanu - Sander Zweerts de Jong

Published in: 

Metropolis M (editie 4 - 2023)

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