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Trying to become a fisherman

I do no harm to the sea

Only to myself

While working on the assignment to see the studio as an outdoor space, I decided to start fishing. Sitting at the wharf while holding a stick.


Questioning if I can become a fisherman? 

What does it mean to be a fisherman? 

Can I fish without doing harm to the sea?


To answer the questions, I think that fishing is a state of mind, a reflecting mode, in which I do no harm to the sea. The reflecting on other aspects of life starts when sitting still for a while. I don't think I need to catch fish to start this process. I do however feel the need to hold a stick, to try to fit in as a fisherman, to become the lonely fisher at the wharf. I did not do harm to the sea in this process, but a little to myself as it was very cold outside and my bum became numb. 



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